Friday, September 30, 2011

Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth

A few readers who read my birth story have inquired about the Bradley Method, so I thought I'd share the website here:

These classes were invaluable!  I highly recommend them to anyone who is pregnant.  We took the hospital classes at Hoag Hospital during my first pregnancy and WOW, those hospital classes, even at the prestigious Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, cannot come close in comparison to the Bradley classes.  I also recommend hiring a doula, especially to those planning a natural childbirth in a hospital setting.

Best wishes for a safe and healthy pregnancy and labor!  The way I see it now that I know what I know, you wouldn't take drugs while pregnant, so why would you take them during labor?  They *do* pass through the placenta to the baby.  They *glossed* over this fact in the hospital childbirth classes.  Oh boy, I could go on and on...don't get me started on circumcision!

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