Saturday, January 30, 2010

Natural mold and mildew cleaner

Like most of you, we like to use only natural cleaning products in our house.  There are so many yucky chemicals in most household products, and after having Noah, I became even more aware of this issue.  Luckily, stores now carry many more natural cleaning products than they use to.  We love Mrs. Meyers when we're in a pinch!  Method by Target is another one we reach for from time to time, but I'm not totally sure I buy that they are super duper natural.  I guess the best way to ensure you are using a truly natural product is to make it yourself!  Which brings me to a simple remedy for that yucky mold and mildew that creeps into our shower and bath...

Mix two teaspoons tea tree oil with two cups of water in a spray bottle.  Spray down the nasties and do not rinse.  Spray the mildew/mold prone areas at least once a week for prevention.

I use to use bleach for this problem until I read about how bad bleach is for the environment and our bodies. 

What natural remedies can you recommend for household cleaning purposes?


  1. Thanks, this is a good and easy one! I usually just use 7th gen cleaning products or the ap cleaner from tj's. Not perfect, but better than most! I haven't bought or used a "normal" cleaning product in years. They totally grose me out now ;-)

  2. Sure! I like the way the cleaner from Tj's smells:) I like their laundry detergent, too. And Seventh Generation is always a safe bet. It's so scary how much chemically laden stuff is out there!

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