Friday, June 4, 2010

Go California! No more plastic grocery bags, please!

One of the issues I was going to address on this blog is the importance of reusing.  Specifically, grocery bags.  I feel like there is no excuse anymore for using paper/plastic when you can buy some reusable bags for only around $1 each.  Take them shopping wherever you go...Target, the mall, the grocery store, the farmer's market.  Whenever I forget my reusable bags (which only really happens when someone else is driving their car and I forgot to grab mine out of my own car), I feel like such a second class citizen.  Seriously!  I am truly embarrassed when I step out of a store carrying my items in a plastic bag, or even a paper bag.  Luckily I usually go shopping with my mom and she has some handy dandy purse-sized reusable bags that open up to a nice roomy bag when I'm in a pinch.  I need to invest in some of those.  Then they are always with you.  If I do end up with some plastic or paper bags, I reuse those as well as much as I can.  But never to clean up the doggie doo!  For that, I use those bio-bags.  Who wants dog sh*t rotting in a plastic bag that takes forever and a day to degrade.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I opened up MSNBC and found this article addressing California's plan to ban plastic bags in pharmacies, liquor stores, and grocery stores, to name a few.  Arnie fully backs this up, too!  If this passes, we will be the first state in our nation to enforce such a fabulous environmental law as this one.

Yay team!


  1. I totally agree, and am getting better and better about remembering my reusable bags, but where did your mom get those purse size bags?? I haven't seen those, but that would be great! Let me know if you can find out where she got them.

  2. They have them at Mother's right near the checkout, or they have lots of options online like this one:™-colorful-compact-reusable-shopping-p-450.html

    and these ones:

  3. I was gonna see if I could get this law passed in Long Beach, but then heard about this. GO Cali!